Smart skills and career management: AI reveals your talent

Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Smart skills and career management: AI reveals your talent

Smart skills and career management: AI reveals your talent

Please note that this session will be held in French.

Despite their efforts, organizations that try to do good skills management all come to the same conclusion: it is essential but very cumbersome. This is without taking into account the game-changing Artificial Intelligence! Dynamic skills mapping allows skills to be analyzed, classified and named. While economic recovery requires new profiles more than ever, these latest-generation platforms are the future of talent management. Best of all, they allow you to customize skills development and career paths like no other HRIS, while promoting the diversity of profiles and career paths.

During this training session, we will introduce you to the latest trends in job, skills and career management. We will review new capabilities, as well as the solutions available to organizations to automate skills and career management.

To demonstrate these opportunities, we will have the pleasure of presenting demonstrations of three state-of-the-art suppliers:

  • Workday, that offers a multifunctional HR-Talent-Payroll solution, will showcase “Skills Cloud”, its integrated module.
  • Talentsoft, an integrated Talent management suite, will unveil its Talent module.
  • 365Talents, a pioneer in skills and jobs ontology, will present its solution that complements HRIS such as SAP SuccessFactors.



This online training session is offered to managers and professionals within the HR and Talent Acquisition functions, as well as recruiters, Talent Marketing specialists, HR and RPO/staffing consultants.

You will receive the link to attend the webinar a few days before the event.

** Approved by l’Ordre des CRHA **   

The cost for this training is 390 $ (+ taxes and fees).

Your presenter

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie 

Vice President, Business Consulting 

Jean-Baptiste has been an organizational psychologist for 25 years and holds an M.B.A.

He supports HR management teams on their path to digitization, integrated talent management and the optimization of their processes and data. His expertise in talent management ranges from talent attraction to succession planning and strategic analysis of jobs and skills.

Author of the forward-looking blog, FutursTalents, he has been acting since 2013 as a market analyst for HR technologies and innovative practices in talent management.

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