About us

HR Horizons is Canada’s leading consulting firm specializing in driving operational and business performance through the optimization of HR and payroll technologies, service delivery channels and processes.

Our History

HR Horizons was founded in 2007 by Romain Charbonneau, one of Canada’s leading independent HR and Payroll technology industry analyst, with the aim of driving innovation and the operational (back-office) performance of the HR and Payroll functions. Since then, we have helped more than 100 of Canada's leading organisations in the area of HR/Payroll technology assessment and selection, HR/Payroll service delivery transformation and HR/Payroll optimization.

Why organizations like yours choose us?

The role of HR in competitive organizations has evolved more dramatically than any other business function. Gone are the days when HR was primarily administration. HR today is focused on key business imperatives and strategic agendas: Working in synergy with business strategy. Pinpointing gaps in organizational design. Breeding competitive advantages and establishing the tools, programs and efficient processes needed to build a better organization.

More than just providing services to employees, modern HR actively provides managerial and leadership solutions and support. To excel in this expanded role, HR professionals need to wield broader expertise and a wider array of complex tools than ever before. And that’s where we come in.

Simply put, we build more efficient and effective HR and payroll organizations and empower HR leaders to become more valuable business partners.

Trusted by many of Canada’s largest organizations, HR Horizons is an experienced team of HR and payroll technology advisors and strategists leveraging extensive market knowledge of more than 200 leading HR and payroll technology solutions.

The TOP 5 Reasons our clients love us

  1. Our proven ability to establish new and flexible channels, support systems and technologies that improve service delivery while reducing the HR and payroll administrative load.
  2. The way we seamlessly transform HR and payroll organizations to make them more agile, less costly, purpose-driven and able to address business priorities more efficiently.
  3. Our proficiency in conceiving portal and self-service strategies for employee and managers, that are intuitive, tailored to your work environment and guaranteed to improve access to HR and payroll services.
  4. Our expertise in specifying reporting and business intelligence strategies that improve decision making and increase the credibility and impact of HR recommendations.
  5. We enable clients to capitalize on industry-leading HR and payroll technologies and close the gap between HR and IT.

Our service values

You will experience these core values in the delivery of our high-end, personalized and impactful consulting services:

  • Excellence

    Continuous improvement is part of our DNA. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • Accuracy & accountability

    We measure what's essential, we responsibly act based on facts and we deliver on our promises.

  • Innovation

    We see change an opportunity to realize maximum potential. We are always on the lookout for ways to innovate and optimize.

  • Teamwork

    We understand that synergy stems from active and open communication. We respect others and we appreciate the value of diversity.

  • Integrity

    We are one of the industry's most trusted firms because we consistently provide the world-class solutions while maintaining strict ethical conduct. Our honestly and transparency is your peace of mind.

  • Independence

    Our independence is at the heart of our trusted relationship with our clients. Our approach aims to empower the clients by providing them with an analysis of their business needs, an overview of the market (Long List) as well as analysis grids to support their decision-making process and selection of an editor (Short List). For more details, click here.